About Us

Who we are?

A new era in furniture.

Our mission is

Creating a better life

Our aim is simple; to usher in a new era in furniture design – attractive, contemporary and custom-made.

Flexibility is our underpinning principle, which means that whatever combination of features your customer wants – size, finish, colour, fabric – you never have to say ‘no’. We can more than match their requirements, and deliver more quickly than they’d expect.

MINT has a fantastic range of the finest quality suites and everything we supply can be custom made to suit your customer’s taste and budget.

Key features of our made-to-order furniture:

  • Top quality and beautiful furniture, bringing new features to the market

  • Made in Turkey by a leading maker with a 30-year record in the manufacture of the finest quality suites

  • Contemporary and innovative design to appeal to all tastes and needs

  • Custom-made, if required, to meet unique demands

  • Full flexibility over sizing

  • Extensive range of finishes and fabrics.

Our Passion

Trustworthy and High-Quality Mint Trade, for you.

We assure you that we will be with you in every step of your purchase, manufacture and delivery. Leave all your worries behind and contact us now!



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